Deadlines and telecast issues of daily soaps gets frustrating at times: Ira Sone

MUMBAI: While she loves her profession and has adjusted to the demands of a daily soap, actor Ira Sone says that at times it can get pretty frustrating. “Every profession has tasks and deadlines and so is the case with daily soaps. It’s just the way the business works and personally, I’m more accepting to the thought although deadlines and telecast issues do get frustrating on some days,” she says.

The actor says that TV soaps have grown a lot in the last couple of years. “Since the time I started acting in daily soaps, it’s only grown bigger and better in terms of viewership and reachability. It’s nice to know that the fraternity is able to accommodate more artists,” she says.

Ask her if she prefers daily soaps or finite series, and she says, “As an actor, both daily soaps and finite series are amazing platforms to work on. Although a daily soap requires a lot of time and patience but gives an actor the opportunity to build a character day by day whereas a finite series gives multiple opportunities to an actor to play various characters.”

Of course, being part of a daily soap means having very little time for yourself, confesses Ira. “It’s true, a daily soap requires a lot of time on the set which in turn takes a toll on one’s personal life. I have high regards for my friends who deal with our work schedule with a lot of patience and adjust to it,” she says, adding, “It’s a constant battle in our heads to strike a balance between our personal lives and consistent working days, which rewards us in the form of a healthy paycheck. These are two sides of the same coin.”

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