Sanjivani 2 Review: Rx, Five Episodes Recommended Throughout The Week!

In mid 2000, Sanjivani, the days of old’s medicinal show turned into a tremendous hit in the midst of the messiness of saas-bahu dramatizations on Television. Two years after, Producer Sidhharth Malhotra thought of another arrangement, Dill Mill Gaye, a young situated show dependent on specialists. Presently, he is by and by back with the reboot of the well known show Sanjivani. Holding the lead pair Mohnish Bahl and Gurdeep Punj as Dr. Shashank Gupta and Dr. Juhi Singh, entertainers Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna are taking the heritage of Sanjivani ahead alongside their sweet and sharp science.


The show starts with the casanova Dr. Sid (Namit Khanna), who overlooks the name of his goods call and safeguards a suffocating child. Subsequent to hauling the poor tyke out of the water, he thinks of a jugaad to spare the child, he utilizes a plastic cylinder from a neckpiece and calls a helicopter to take his patient to a definitive goal – Sanjivani.

Dr. Ishaani (Surbhi Chandna), a grandiose youngster and a first-year inhabitant specialist, runs over the hero Dr. Sid, and there in a split second begins a verbal tussle between the two that goes on all through the scene.

Dr. Sid otherwise known as Namit Khanna is appeared as the Robin-hood among the specialists who realize that the rich appreciate extravagances and the poor endure troubles, subsequently he extricates cash from the rich for his administrations and attempts to utilize a similar cash to treat his poor patients.

Female hero Dr. Ishani plays a self-important specialist, who doesn’t go on a degenerate way just as doesn’t permit any other person to do likewise. Additionally, her capacity to pass judgment on the patients’ indications by simply seeing them makes her Sherlock Holmes in specialists.

Dr Shashank Gupta otherwise known as Mohnish Behl section and the trademark ambient melodies of Sanjivani ingrains a sentimentality of those days which makes one feel like those brilliant days are back. He is the head of specialists who will before long be leaving from his post yet not leaving Sanjivani.

So there will be a touch of dramatization around that edge too in the coming scenes.

Mr. Vardhan otherwise known as Rohit Roy is among the trustees of the emergency clinic who is a cash disapproved of man, an obvious inverse of Dr. Shashank’s philosophy which we become more acquainted with in the primary scene itself.

Dr Juhi Singh (Gurdip Punj) wasn’t appeared in the principal scene however we saw her in the looks at up and coming scenes making the show considerably increasingly extreme, emotional and fascinating.

What we loved:

Mohnish Behl’s entrance imparts an extreme sentimentality and a vibe decent factor, returning us to past times worth remembering of TV screen, Dashing character of Namit Khanna and his character depicting a Casanova with a decent heart who thinks about the oppressed is another pat on the head. He can be effectively named as the Robin-hood among the specialists. Surbhi Chanda’s straightforwardness and a “disapprove of acts of neglect” clears a path for the show to develop in the coming scenes. The character improvement of Namit Khanna and Surbhi Chandna guarantees that there will be grating among the two youthful heroes.

Additionally, the equivalent screen time for the new and the old characters gives an inclination that the show will take into account a wide range of crowds youthful and old, making it a total family amusement appear.

Moreover, the power, pace and earnestness of the show is properly adjusted without squandering much time on presentation and character development.

What we didn’t care for:

The gathering of Namit Khanna and Surbhi Chandna’s character, alongside other new characters didn’t appear to be normal yet in a scramble. It doesn’t appear as though the characters have met just because. Aside from this, a portion of the scenes were excessively exaggerated – a mother always crying and aggravating the specialists while the treatment is on.


In the midst of the messiness of powerful and useless shows, it’s great to have a show like Sanjivani back on TV with a crisp cast and a similar old soul. With every scene, the show gets progressively serious however the bit of light funniness has kept things adjusted. We loved the character improvement and the plot is very elegantly composed. The show can possibly keep the watchers locked in.

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