Sneha Wagh gets trolled

It has become a norm for celebrities to get harassed and trolled by trollers on social media. The same thing happened with actor Sneha Wagh recently when she posted a picture of an award she received recently, however she decided to not take this lying down.

The actor’s life journey was awarded by The Noor Awards. She posted a picture of the award with the caption, “At @gemporiaindia @australiandiamondsindia awarded my life journey with “The Noor Awards” …. The whole concept was about the process of a diamond in making. A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that did really well under pressure! Its then cut, polished & is given a beautiful shape…Just as our lives, we go through a lot of pressure and come out in flying colours! Signifying a life of a diamond…This was the first ever “The Noor Award” and I’m humbled & grateful to be the one on receiving end, its like being a grantee & earn something great for the hurdles of my life ! Thank You for recognising me as ME!!! One important thing, nothing in our life is for no reason. Everything happens for a reason! Good or Bad it gives meaning to our life, not now but in coming days you’ll definitely understand the reason for what happened & why it happened! Just trust the universal power & keep moving forward….#BrilliantUnderPressure @sablawatash @kismediaworks @australiandiamondsindia @gemporiaindia”

While the natural reaction of a lot of us would just be ‘wow’ at the actor’s achievements, someone decided that this was the perfect time to mock the actor and posted, “HAR CELEBRITY K LIYE .BHAGVAN NE KUCH NA KUCH ..AWARD BANAYA HAI …BOLLYWOOD ME KOI BHI CLEEBRITY …GAREEB NAHISABKE PASS AWARD…..SALA…. INDIA ME…BHARAT RATNA …PADMASHRI KO EK PAISA NAHI..LEKIN CELEBRITIES KO ..AWARDS PE AWARDS..AWARDS PE AWARDS..AWARDS PE AWARDS..AWARDS PE AWARDS..AWARDS PE AWARDS..AWARDS PE AWARDS… SALEY HARAAAAMI CELEBRITIES … TAARIFF PE TARIFFF..TARIFF PE TARIFFF… congrats..SENHZZZ @imouniroy @vajanianeri @divyankatripathidahiya #vindhyatiwary YE TIWADDDI KO ..YOUTH ICON AWARD KISNE DIYA BE ..????? ACCHA KIYA @surbhijyoti @ektaravikapoor (sic).”

However, Sneha decided to answer back. “dude wow ! What is this? I see your comments on my posts. Its like either you are jealous or obsessed or something is wrong with you, is there anything wrong with you? So what if #VindhyaTiwary gets a youth icon awards. Do you mind ? Or you wanted that award ? Or are you jealous that celebrities get all the attention. But you know what these celebrities have worked hard for it. Maybe start working hard yourself. You might get a padmashri too !!! Just saying (sic).”

When asked about this, Sneha said, “I simply ignore this person because his views are his own and make no difference to me. But in this post, he has tried to malign so many celebrities, disregarding our hard work and claiming that we are here to get free awards. I decided it was time to ask him to stop!”

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