December 25, 2018

Shilpa Shinde has a problem with Dipika’s relationship with Sreesanth

MUMBAI: The twelfth season of Bigg Boss is soon going to come to an end, and while all loyal fans of the show are voting for […]
December 24, 2018

Nitin Kumar of Indian Idol 10 floors Shahrukh Khan with his dancing skills

Nitin Kumar, one of the most favorite contestant of Indian Idol 10 is known for his funny gimmicks on the sets. The contestants and the host […]
December 23, 2018

This is Helly Shah’s dream role

Every actor has a dream role that they would like to play in life. Even the most accomplished ones have that one role they wish to […]
December 22, 2018

Dipika Kakar finally takes a stand for herself against Sreesanth

MUMBAI: In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 12, Dipika and Sreesanth were seen having an argument. The latter taunted Dipika saying that she is the […]