Abhinav Shukla and Jasmin Bhasin team up for THIS business post-Bigg Boss

The Bigg Boss house is one of the most difficult places to be in, as different people from all fields come under one roof and live together.

The show has entered the 14th season and the first week did go well and got a thumbs up from the audiences. The contestants are slowly opening up on the show and a few of them have already marked their presence in the house.

Jasmin, Abhinav, Rubina, Pavitra, Ejaz, and Nikki are few of the contestants who have made a mark on the show.

Now in unseen footage of the house, one can hear Abhinav and Jasmin discussing a business they would like to start post-Bigg Boss.

In the video, they are seen cooking parathas and have become pro at it, Abhinav then tells Jasmine that they can open a restaurant and start a business and they will earn very well and it will be a successful business.

Jasmin tells that they both are alike and it seems like a very good idea as they have become really good cooks.

Well, the Bigg Boss house helps you to find some talents in you which one had never discovered before. Abhinav and Jasmine seem to have found one.

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