Anjali Anand aka Lovely makes a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala’s upcoming episode!

Mohit Malik and Anjali Anand currently have us glued to watching their chemistry in Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala.

We cannot wait to see how Sikandar and Lovely come together and Sikander’s lady love accepts Kulfi wholeheartedly. As per the latest promo of the show, Sikandar will have to make a tough choice between Lovely and Kulfi as they both will be caught in a situation where they can lose their life if Sikandar does not save them.

And such unconventional and intriguing sequences have kept us on the edge of our seats time and again where Kulfi or Sikandar have had to make difficult choices. Anjali, recently took to social media where she drew an analysis of what the audience expects and what they have been delivering. She also promises to knock people’s socks off all the time with the most unconventional couple encounters of all time.

Excited to know what’s in store for the audience and ardent fans of Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala?

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