Bigg Boss 12 fans support Shivashish over Srishty

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss Season 12 is providing audiences with a high dose of entertainment. Wild card entries Romil Chaudhary and Surbhi Rana have added to the excitement.

Recently, Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota’s dramatic breakup became the talk of the town. Now, the biggest fight of the season seems to have taken place. After having a brawl during the nomination proceedings, Srishty was seen instigating Shivashish by slyly singing the song You’re such a loser. Shivashish retaliated by singing Paaji you are such a pussy cat. This left Srishty agitated. She was seen crying and venting out her anger.

Social media is ablaze with discussions on the episode. Many fans supported Shivashish and said that Srishty seems to be playing the victim card to gain sympathy. According to them, Shivashish just sang a song, as she did. Have a look at their comments.

Even commoners receive support in the Bigg Boss house.

Whom do you support? Srishty or Shivashish?

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