Colors Bangla to air Mahalaya special programme, Jayang Dehi

KOLKATA: Good news for viewers of Colors Bangla! The channel is gearing up for its Mahalaya special programme.

Called Jayang Dehi, the Mahalaya programme will be aired on 8 October from 5:00 to 7:00 AM.

The storyline goes like this. Manasha’s sons are tricked by Indra Dev into harassing the sages and their wives residing in Daruk Bon. Chandi is forced to punish Manasha for the actions of her sons and takes away all of Manasha’s powers. Bramha tells Manasha the tale of how the King of Surot, who, when defeated by all his enemies, had prayed to the formless Goddess Shakti. With her blessings, he managed to turn the tide. Taking inspiration from this story, Manasha meditates on Chandi, and Chandi tells her the tale of Mahalaya and how she came to be. Chandi shows her how she can further her own destiny by following the lessons learnt from her own Mahalaya experience. Chandi tells Manasha that just like there is both good and evil in the universe, there is good and evil within everyone. Manasha has to face and conquer the evil within her to gain back her powers.

Chandni Saha plays the role of Manasa, while Aditi Chatterjee will be seen as Chandi.

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