Dalljiet’s psychopath character reason behind Guddan’s TRP rise..!

Dalljiet Kaur was last seen in Ekta Kapoor’s Qayamat on Star Plus and played the negative lead which was new to her.

This time she went a notch higher and is playing an out & out negative and a psychopath character in Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

And certainly this wasn’t a wrong decision, as Dalljiet’s track has seen a gradual rise in the TRPs and she has been receiving positive feedbacks for her first absolutely negative character.

Dalljiet Kaur shares, “Honestly, I have never played a character like this in the 14 years of her career. So this is a first for me, and I really was intrigued by the character sketch of Antara and the twist and turns that were to follow her entry. I gave it a shot because as an actor the real test is to play characters which are opposite of how you are. It was a challenge in a way to define the character’s vicious ways as well not go over the top with the expressions. And I feel the efforts of not just me, but everyone has paid off well.

This is the first time I have joined a show mid way and I am lucky to have this amazing team who made me comfortable. I am lucky to be an integral part of a successful show with amazing fan following already. I hope this is just the beginning and we rise higher in the TRP meter and of course on the love meter of our fans as well.”

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