Doing Household Chores Is Always The Best Way To Stay In Shape: Pavleen Gujral

The pandemic of coronavirus has become a nightmare for all the human around the world. The nationwide lockdown has brought everyone’s life to the same page. It’s having a dramatic impact on the lives of people. Each and Everyone of us is confined to our homes and spending time with our beloved family, catching up on favorite web-series, taking care of fitness, and in a nutshell, doing all the activities that we love the most.

Pavleen Gujral AKA Pamela of an award-winning film ‘ Angry Indian Goddesses’ is doing every possible thing to keep herself physically well these days.

“ I religiously do some pranayama and deep breathing in the morning, before anything else. It keeps me centered and happy throughout the day, which is very important during this time as for some of us who don’t have a habit of staying home, this time is especially tough. I follow that up with some stretching including working out my eyes, ears, and limbs. Basically stretch out every muscle which might get stiff due to a lethargic routine. And then, of course, doing household chores is always the best way to stay in shape, jhaadu pochha the whole house, and you are sorted” Pavleen Gujral.

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