Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Guddan pretends that she is upset with Tanvesh

The episode begins with Saru threatening Guddan of telling the entire truth to Antara. Guddan and Dadi make fun of her as they have caught Saru in that room. Guddan asks Saru to support her but Saru refuses to do so. Saru becomes stubborn for supporting Antara. Guddan asks Saru to be in that room till her plan gets successful. Saru gets panic. She asks Guddan about the location she have kept her. Just then she sees Antara but Antara cannot see them. Dadi reveals that it is a secret room which is known to her, Akshat and now Guddan. Saru keeps on requesting Antara to save her from Guddan. But Antara cannot see her or listen to her. Guddan reveals that it is just a mirror from Antara’s room so she cannot see anything beyond that. Saru feels like it is a bad dream but Guddan makes her realize that it is reality.

Saru still keeps on calling Antara even though Guddan tells her that it is of no use. Saru questions Guddan about the answer if Antara asks for her. By that time Akshat enters Antara’s room. He handles the situation by telling Antara that he has sent Saru to US to let her spend some time with her husband. Saru sees that. She gets very tensed. She requests Guddan and Dadi to take her out of the dark room. Guddan asks her to stay in the room till she executes her plan and leaves from there along with Dadi. Saru gets very panic. While Guddan comes to her room, she sees Akshat in the room. Akshat immediately hugs her tight. Guddan asks him to leave her but Akshat tells her that he wants to thank her with the hug as sometimes words are not enough. He appreciates her for the handling Saru and making all the happiness come back. Guddan still tells him that she did it for the family as it is her duty being the daughter-in-law. Akshat gets emotional. He kisses on her forehead. Akshat is happy as Guddan did favour on him by accepting him as life partner. He also tells Guddan that she could handle the family the best way.

Guddan says that if he would not have got under Antara’s influence then she would have expressed her feelings too. After she leaves, Akshat wishes to wait for Guddan when she will express her feelings with full heart like earlier. Meanwhile, Guddan gets very hurtful. She cries a lot as she knows that Akshat truly loves her but she also cannot forget that Akshat left her when he was under the influence of Antara. She is not sure whether she will be able to accept Akshat again or not. Next day morning, Guddan wakes Saru with her voice from Antara’s room. Saru wakes up. She sees Guddan and Akshat disguised as Tanvesh in Antara’s room. They try to tease Saru as she is helpless and cannot do anything to get out of the secret room. Guddan also shows the legal papers which will be signed by Antara and Jindals will get their property back. Saru gets very restless as she cannot inform Antara about the same. As soon as Antara comes to her room, Guddan pretends that she is upset with Tanvesh for making partnership deed with Antara. Antara asks Guddan to stay away from the deal as she is from middle class family.

Even Dadi pretends that she is ok with Antara making a business deal with Tanvesh. She gets upset with Guddan for opposing Tanvesh and Antara. Tanvesh asks Guddan to be calm as he has promised Antara for the deal. While Antara takes the papers for signing, Saru gets very tensed. She wishes if Antara reads the papers before signing. So Antara also reads first few papers and then signs. Guddan and Dadi get tensed to see that. While Antara is about to read the contract papers, Guddan starts doing some drama. She pretends that Antara doesn’t trust Tanvesh even though she is getting into a partnership deal with him. Akshat aka Tanvesh also tells Antara that she should check the papers before signing. Antara tells him that she is used to read the documents before signing to avoid future complications. So she decides to sign rest of the papers on next day which is ‘Krishna Janmashtami’. With having no option, Tanvesh aka Akshat agrees for the same. Guddan is tensed as she suspects about something being fishy as Antara suddenly postponed signing on the papers.

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