Guess who? This popular celebrity was spotted at a GAY party with his partner

Mumbai: Love Sex aur Dhoka…this phenomenon is as common in our industry as much as the ‘dirty secrets’. Let’s accept it, we all have secrets and in the world of glamour, our industry folks live on the edge of it. Celebrities are undoubtedly good at keeping their affairs under wraps but then there are scribes who manage to dig juicy gossips to cater to their audience.

Nothing stays hidden from the eyes of media – be it double dating, homosexual relationships, infidelity or another hook up or break up.

Another gossip lurking around in the industry has left us flabbergasted. Inquisitive? Find out for yourself and guess who?!

Keeping the sensitivity of the actor’s personal life, business cash has decided to not reveal his name.

A veteran actor, known for his role in popular daily soaps was recently spotted with a bunch of friends at a gay party grooving to peppy music. The actor in contention is married with two kids and has responsibilities of more than just a husband. The actor’s wife is a ‘not so popular’ face in the industry.

The small screen actor, who is known for his different roles in well known dailies, has acted alongside biggies from our TV world. Need a hint?

One of the many shows that he has starred in also features a popular A lister celebrity as the male lead on a popular GEC. His life is quite a topic of discussion these days for he has parted ways with his beau and is rumoured to be dating his co-star from the same show.

An reliable source revealed, “He came with a bunch of friends and his bisexuality is no hidden affair as almost all present at the party know about him swinging the other way.”

The actor has been a part of some path breaking TV shows in the past and has never been linked-up with any of his female co-stars. Maybe we know the reason now!

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