Here is why Chandni Bhagwanani, who is stranded in Australia, decided to stay back

Chandni Bhagwanani, who was last seen Sanjivani 2 as Dr. Asha Kanwar, is stranded in Australia due to the current scenario. Chandni had taken off to the country before the lockdown to fulfill a professional commitment.

Now, we have an update on that front. While the Indian Government has taken the initiative to bring back those stranded in a foreign country, Chandni chose to stay back in Australia.

The actress said, ‘I am still here and don’t know exactly, when I will be back in India. My family and friends suggested me to fill the form as they were arranging for the flight for India, but I didn’t fill the form as I felt that even though I am away from my family and missing them, I am safe here. If I travel with several people through a flight, there are high chances of me getting infected and I want to avoid that. I have grandparents at my house in India and I would not like to risk their lives. Hence, I decided to stay back here at least for another month with my savings and then decide accordingly after 30 days. I’m hoping the situation to get under control by then.’

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