Honoured that my producer liked me for the role & I am getting love for Sonali Mittal: Aanchal Agrawal on Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna

MUMBAI: Aanchal Agrawal, who is a part of Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna, says that it’s tough to be noticed between so many veterans in the show, but she sees it as a privilege because she gets to learn a lot from them.

The actress said to the media, “Well! My dimples also do the job for me! Jokes apart, I would be lying if I say it’s not (tough to be noticed). My cast comprises of veterans and stars, with Zain, Shrenu and Tanvi being loved by millions, Parikshit Ji and Ayub sir being veterans and Purva ji and Manju ji are strong theatre actors. Honestly, I see it as a privilege to be able to score a role among these stalwarts, I learn a lot and just do my work without thinking about getting noticed.”

She added, “In the entire cast, I am the only one who’s debuting with the show whereas all my co-actors have been part of major shows in the past. I am so grateful and honoured that my producer and channel liked me for the character and I am getting so much love for Sonali Mittal even though the characters are just in the second week of their respective stories. I want to thank my audience for giving me so much love already.”

Speaking about her character, she said, “Sonali Mittal is the youngest in the family, she is chirpy and a fun-loving teenager, who is part of the family that runs on patriarchal values. I come from a liberal family, my character is poles apart from what I am in real life and it’s a challenge to play her on screen. That is what I love the most. I am grateful to get this character in my debut show.”

Praising Dipti Kalwani, she said that she is a complete sweetheart and an even better mentor. “I have always believed that a good boss will make you learn your craft better than anything else. I have learnt a lot in her guidance and I am looking forward to learn more. I hope to make her proud with my work,” she said.

Aanchal also praised Shrenu and Zain. She said that Zain is extremely sweet and humble, and Shrenu keeps guiding her as this is her first show.

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