Kaleerein actors Aditi Sharma and Arjit Taneja share their Navratri plans

Even actors participate in and celebrate it with much enthusiasm.

The lead actors of Zee TV’s Kaleerein shared how they celebrate the festival of Navratri.

Arjit Taneja shared, ‘Navratri is a very pure and joyous occasion that brings the family together. I don’t usually observe a fast during Navratri, but my parents fast on all 9 days during the auspicious occasion. Moreover, this year during Navratri, I am looking forward to meeting my family and friends and enjoying with them.’

Aditi Sharma said, ‘Navratra is all about dance and colours, which I love the most! As we all know, each day of Navratri stands for a particular colour and has some significance, so I try to co-ordinate with the colours defined for each day. This year, I will definitely take some time out to go and enjoy the traditional Dandiya and Garba nights with my friends. I am excited to dance my heart out and celebrate Navratra this time in Mumbai, but I will definitely miss my friends back in Delhi.’

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