Kundali Bhagya lead Shraddha Arya spills the beans about Dheeraj Dhoopar, reveals the word he uses the most!

Kundali Bhagya is one of the most successful shows on television and the leads of the serial, Dheeraj and Shraddha, have become household names with their performances as Preeta and Karan.

Dheeraj and Shraddha initially didn’t know each other, but then, they became best of friends. They now get along like house on fire.

Their on-screen chemistry is loved by the audience, and that’s because of the off-screen rapport that they share with each other.

The two have a massive fan following, and now, we came across a video where Shraddha reveals the word most often used by Dheeraj.

In the video, Shraddha was asked what is the one word that Dheeraj uses often. Shraddha says “nice” or a swear word. When someone talks formally to Dheeraj, he uses the word nice a lot.

She also revealed that he loves to watch web series on Amazon and Netflix, and one of his favourite web shows is You.

Fans have commented saying that they are the best pair on television.

Some have commented that they feel no actors can share the chemistry that Dheeraj and Shraddha share.

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