Mithila Palkar to grace this week’s episode of MTV Supermodel of the Year

This week on MTV Supermodel of the Year, the viewers will see the last audition task at the Bootcamp. As the contestants gear up for their upcoming battles, they’re pleasantly surprised to meet the very charming, Mithila Palkar!

With a fun meet and greet, Mithila will be seen giving some important tips to the models and indulging in some bone-tickling games at the bootcamp. Find out who is the Diva, the Fashionista and the Gossip Queen of the house, this weekend! To lighten up their stress, Mithila dances with the beauties and make their day at the Bootcamp a memorable one!

Keeping up with the ever increasing drama, this week’s episode will also give a shock to the contestants with the announcement of mass elimination, building up the pressure amongst them to up their game in this ultimate challenge. Host Anusha Dandekar announces the task of this week, Leap of Faith, a photoshoot for a TVC where the contestants will have to jump, being suspended, from one container to another and throw poses. Anusha will perform the task first to give an idea on how to go about it to the contestants. Who manages to ace the task and who will not have their way through the next level? Get to know all of it, this Saturday and Sunday.

After all this, the contestants got to call their families at the Model house. Get to know the lesser-known life of the models, with Supermodel of the Year.

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