Naagin actress Adaa Khan visits seven countries in around four months

Adaa Khan is one of the most popular television actresses. She is known for shows like Behenein, Amrit Manthan, Piya Basanti Re, Naagin, and Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara to name a few.

The actress is also a travel enthusiast. She recently went on an international trip and visited seven countries in around four months. She told TNN, “I went to the Netherlands, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Malaysia, and Switzerland. Travelling keeps you positive, and I think that everyone should do it. It is important to recharge, rejuvenate, meet new people, make friends and learn about different cultures. I love to travel solo and this trip was a learning experience.”

She added, “We all lead busy lives and have this habit of procrastination. I don’t believe in pushing things for later, I make sudden plans and execute them.”

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