Neelu Vaghela against parents’ over interference in children’s married lives

MUMBAI: Actress Neelu Vaghela says over interference by parents in their childrens married lives will only lead to discord.

Neelu plays Satya Devi — a married daughter’s meddling mother — in the upcoming show “Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo”.

“In today’s time, I feel people in a way are not able to understand the different nuances of the institution of marriage. They should understand that marriage is not about one person adjusting all the time, both the parties must adjust and make it a successful partnership,” Neeru said in a statement.

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“Furthermore, it is important for parents to understand the fine line where they need to stop intervening in their children’s married lives. They should definitely offer support whenever needed and take a judicious call for the same. Over interference in the form of offering advice in trivial matters will only lead to discord,” she added.

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