Sana Sayyad injured on the sets of Papa By Chance

MUMBAI: Pretty actress Sana Sayyad is in immense pain these days!

Sana, who is playing the lead in Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance, was injured on the sets recently.

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To know more about the accident, we called up Sana, who shared, ‘While shooting for one of the scenes, I had to hold my co-star Zebby’s collar from behind. But since he is tall, I couldn’t hold it properly and fell down. Due to a sudden jerk, I twisted my ankle badly. I had to quickly rush to a doctor to get it checked. The incident happened four days ago, and I was asked to keep the bandage for some days. Now, I am recovering and also shooting for the show.’

Sana shared a video with us that shows how she fell down while shooting for the particular scene.

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