Sanjeeda Shaikh slams an airline for this reason

MUMBAI: Sanjeeda Shaikh started her career as Nimmo in the 2005 TV series Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa. Since then, there has been no looking back for the actress. The actress loves travelling, and her work helps her indulge in this. But recently, she had to go through a bad experience, and she took to Instagram to share it.

Sanjeeda slammed an airline and expressed her disappointment regarding their service. Apparently, the airline lost her luggage while she was travelling from Mumbai via Bahrain to Istanbul. It has been more than 12 hours, but she has not yet received it. Not only this, her team has been trying to get information about the baggage, as the luggage includes her costumes. And without them, she won’t be able to perform and will even suffer losses.

Check out the post here.

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