Srishty Rode’s style statement is cool and chic

Srishty Rode has been quite luring the audiences with her dance moves and she seems to thoroughly be enjoying her early morning wake up alarms but what she also looks she will be enjoying when she gets out of the house is the audiences having raved and loved what she has been wearing. The girl has kept her style very chic and very comfortable and yet stylish.

Srishty has always been someone who doesn’t indulge in fashion for the heck of it she has always been someone to wear fashion on her sleeves and keep it light and yet stylish from her night wear to her weekend ka vaar clothes to her daily wear they haven’t been designers alone they’ve been things she has brought together as well and that sets her apart.

We hear the girl has even actually mixed and matches a lot of her clothes by herself from her personal wardrobe and she sure is sizzling on screen.

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