The entire team was amused after hearing the sequence: Rohitashv Gour on Angoori’s kidnap

MUMBAI: Angoori Bhabhi (Shubhangi Atre) will yet again be in the news, but this time for getting kidnapped. In the upcoming sequence of &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, our favourite Bhabhi will be reported missing, leaving not just Tiwariji (Rohitashv Gour) in a state of despair, but giving tremendous shock to her ‘padosi’ Vibhuti Mishra. (Aasif Sheikh)

Having lost a case worth Rs. 50 lakhs, Tiwari ji finds himself in a severe money crisis and in an urgent need of money. In an attempt to rid himself from this crisis looming over his head, Tiwariji finds the most bizarre and unusual idea of abducting his own wife and threatening her father Bhure Lal to give him money in exchange for his daughter’s life. Supporting him all the way in this act of abducting his favourite Bhabhi will be the witty Vibhuti Mishra, who much to his dismay agrees to help Tiwari out of this problem. However, the duo’s plan fails when Anita Bhabhi comes to know of their evil act and reveals their plan to everyone. While Tiwari ji struggles to free himself from the current situation, he will land himself in another major problem this time a real mysterious abduction of his wife. Desperate to find his missing wife, Tiwari ji seeks help from everyone causing a state of panic.

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Talking about the sequence, Rohitashv Gour a.k.a Tiwari ji said “If the audience finds Tiwari ji kidnapping his own wife absurd, knowing Angoori’s real kidnapper is sure to leave them with a hearty laugh. The entire team was amused after hearing the entire sequence especially the climax. Our viewers are used to seeing unexpected twists, and I think this one won’t disappoint them. ”

Will Tiwari and Vibhuti ever be able to find their love? Who is this mysterious person that has kidnapped our Bhabhiji?

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