THIS is what Jannat Zubair did after quitting television

Jannat Zubair is one of the popular actresses of the telly world. The ace star started her career at a very young age and today, she is ruling several hearts with her creativity and talent.

The actress is constantly climbing the ladder of success with her achievements one after the other. Jannat is the first and the youngest celebrity of the Telly world to have such a huge fan following on Instagram. Jannat has currently a whopping 16.5 million followers on Instagram.

After doing several daily soaps for almost seven to eight years, Jannat bid adieu to television. The actress revealed how her father asked her to quit doing daily soaps.

Jannat also said that it was difficult for her to quit this and didn’t know how she would pass her time.

That’s when Jannat’s brother Ayaan Zubair suggested her to make TikTok videos. While Jannat wasn’t aware that she would someday become a TikTok sensation and her videos will be widely appreciated but the actress continued doing so.

The actress got better with each of her video which came with a dash of entertainment and also gave some positive message to the fans. Jannat revealed that she made her first TikTok video in the year 2016 and since then, the actress has been slaying.

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