Vikas Gupta positively nervous about Ace of Space

MUMBAI: Vikas Gupta, lovingly known as the mastermind, is coming back with yet another reality show. This time, he will be seen not as a contestant but a host. Vikas will host host in MTV’s Ace of Space.

The show can loosely be called as the Indian television version of The Hunger Games, a trilogy of young adult dystopian novels. The premise of the show will consist of 18 contestants staying in 6 rooms in a house, and gradually, the space will be reduced.

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The ace producer will play a very important part in the show.

The show is getting extensive attention, and many celebrities have promoted it on social media platforms and congratulated Vikas. Audiences and Vikas’ fans just can’t wait to watch the show. With the project already making a buzz, nervousness is bound to occur. Talking about his excitement and nervousness, Vikas said, ‘Every single project that I do, be it behind the camera or in front of camera, the pressure to deliver the best has always been there. And pressure is always good; nervousness is a very good energy to have, and expectations should always built. Only then will I be able to fulfill them. It’s good pressure.’

business cash would like to wish Vikas loads of luck for the new project.

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