What do the cards hold for Sreesanth in Bigg Boss?

MUMBAI: Cricketer Sreesanth has been a controversy’s child in his professional and personal life. Sreesanth was banned from cricket for life by the BCCI after he was under the scanner for spot-fixing allegations in the IPL 2013. Before getting married to Bhuvneshwari Kumari, Sreesanth had an interesting love life that often made headlines.

He then made his debut as an actor in Big Picture.

The former sportsman is a contestant in this season of Bigg Boss and has been in the news since. The cricketer was having a hard time in the house. He lost his cool at the drop of a hat and threatened to quit twice in the span of two weeks. Now, finally, he seems to have made peace with the show’s format and is seen involving himself in the tasks.

So will Sreesanth manage to survive in the house until the end?

We got in touch with our in-house tarot card readers’, brother–sister duo Shreyans Vimal Bhojak and Divya Chintan Dave, and here are their predictions for us.

‘Sreesanth has got the Five of Wands card. Sreesanth’s personality, as we all know, is short tempered. He needs to keep calm to avoid arguments or getting involved in any physical violence, which could end up in betrayal and hurt. Now is also a testing time for him. He might face a betrayal from someone who is initially a friend. He needs to understand who is with him and who is against him. There are good chances of him making his way to the top, but he needs to be more flexible and confident in the game. He can also resolve conflicts in the house by open communication.’

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