When the Naagin girls challenged the Naagin boys

Naggin is one of the most loved shows on television. The serial frequently tops the rating charts, and the storyline is quite gripping and keeps the audiences hooked to the screen.

Every season of Naggin has been a huge success, and the audience can’t wait to watch season 5 of the series.

One of the reasons the show is so successful is because of the camaraderie the stars share with each other and their rapport and friendship off-screen.

Now, we came across a video where one can see how the Naagin girls had challenged the boys of the serial.

In the throwback video, Arjun Bijlani tells Surbhi and Karishma that it’s so easy to be a Naggin, to which the actresses challenged the actors of the show.

They tie them with tapes and tells them to crawl like snakes and come towards them.

The boys very sportingly do the act, and it’s a funny one that will leave you’ll in splits.

Very soon, Naagin 4 will see its climax and Season 5 will begin, thus creating a lot of excitement among fans.

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