Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’s Esha Kansara OPENS UP on her plans this Navratri

Esha Kansara and Hasan Zaidi are playing the lead roles. We can see that it is a love story where two opposites meet. While Esha is the eternal optimist, Hasan’s character is that of a pessimist. A lot has changed since the two met and created a fire on screen with their cordial yet unnamed bond. The fans have been waiting eagerly to see how the chords would strike between the two.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana has indeed made a place in everyone’s hearts with its soulful story. The show replaced Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani on Star Plus. It is a love story about a tenant and a bahu of a house. She is pregnant and widowed.

What is that one ritual that you follow every Navratri? What is your fondest memory of celebrating Navratri?

Since childhood, I have been celebrating Navratri dedicatedly for all nine days. I am Gujarati and from Ahmedabad so yes it has been a grand celebration every year. My ritual would be, my mom used to do some special puja that she did every evening in Navratri, there used to be a shlok that I used to chant with her. Playing Garba those nine days was one of my most practised rituals from 9-3 AM every night. I had cholis with all colours for the nine days, I used to participate in competitions, Ahmedabad is famous for the Garba Competitions and I used to sometimes win prizes for the solo performances, that used to be an exciting part for me.

What significance does the festival hold in your life?

It’s a festival of devoting your time to Mataji. The nine rasas are celebrated in the nine days. Women get very excited about the celebrations, and doing the Garba has been the ultimate workout for me so yes the rituals and the devotion holds a lot of significance for me.

If you could share a message for your fans for this year’s Navratri

Many people fast, have many other rituals for Devi maa, I believe the Women should be celebrated and appreciated every day apart from just the festival. Barring all the religions, as human beings, we should celebrate humanity above all and spread kindness and love amongst each other.

We are equally missing Garba, just as much as Esha is missing.

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