Actress Roopal shares her gruesome auditioning experience of sitting with 50 girls in one cramped room

It is not easy to be a part of the TV or film industry, as a person has to go through a hectic auditioning process. Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke actress Roopal Tyagi had to go through several stages of auditions before being able to make her mark in the telly industry.

During an exclusive interview, the actress opened up about her horrific auditioning experience. She said that 50 girls used to sit in a room for the auditions. “We would be like 50 girls sitting in one room, auditioning in front of each other. That is not the ideal setup for any performer. When you are performing you want some time, just the people who are there to guide you. You do not want your competition.”, she said.

In the same interview, the small screen actress opened up about cinema portraying women-centric content. She feels that daily soaps were ‘kind of women-centric but not necessarily progressive’. There were a lot of shows about women but the shows were regressive.

Previously, the actress had also slammed the TV industry in an open letter, where she had revealed that 85% of our shows are downright regressive and portray the lead in a bad light.

A part of her post read, “You think you make a show about a “dark” skinned girl, a “short” girl, a “fat” girl etc and about the problems they face and call it a progressive show. No. All that such shows are doing is instilling subliminally that these very normal basic physical characteristics of a woman’s body are actually something to be ashamed of.”.

Roopal further spoke about the industry making progressive shows which should go beyond a woman’s figure. The actress who proved her mettle with her role of Gunjan from Sapne Suhane Ladakpan said that when she had done the show, during that time, all main leads were ‘sati-savitri types’.

“Gunjan was loved and the show was being called the Gunjan show. For a character like that to be accepted, that was something I did not accept at all”, she said.

For Roopal, her journey in the entertainment industry was not an easy one.”No one told about going to casting directors. We came with the concept that maybe I have to approach directors. It was much later I realised there is a production house that has directors. The whole guidance was lacking.”, she quipped.

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