Arhaan Behl and Adaa Khan ‘LOSE CONTROL’ on the sets of Colors’ Sitara

MUMBAI: Faking laughter and sounding sarcastic is unarguably the most difficult art form to perform. Most times we that we see actors collapsing into giggles are as a part of blooper reels, but sometimes, editors include them in the final cut because the accidental laughter improves the scene!

Bloopers are a lot of fun, and the best ones are often the simplest ones.

Even when celebrities are supposed to be acting their way through a serious scene, they burst into giggles for various reasons, such as they may have forgotten the dialogue, or, sometimes, for no reason at all!

Television actors Arhaan Behl and Adaa Khan enact the characters of Yuvraaj and Sitara in Colors’ Vish ya Amrit: Sitara. The two were shooting for a scene where Adaa had to laugh sarcastically, and while shooting, she broke into ripples of laughter. Arhaan too couldn’t control his laughter after seeing her.

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