EXPLOSIVE! Netizens decode the never ending miseries of Pandya Parivaar and the shuffle of Villains in StarPlus’ Pandya Store

MUMBAI: Daily soap Pandya Store has made a place in everyone’s heart with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. Fans completely relate to each character in the show and shower their love on the three couples; Shiva and Raavi often top the charts being their favourite.

Currently, Gautam and Shiva learn about Kamini stealing the necklace brought by Dhara and are all set to expose her while Kamini calls two goons to the house. Kamini waits for them while Gautam and Shiva talk to them and tell them that they’re cops.

Well, the fans have now decoded the major shuffle between the villians in the show and how bizarre has Pandya Parivaar’s misery track turned. It has become never ending and fans are now getting bored of it. They demand for a fresh track which is at least more positive and entertaining.

We had exclusively revealed: Finally, Dev and Rishita realise the love that the Pandyas have for them and return to Pandya Niwas. Suman’s stroke turns into a major shock for the duo and they cancel their plan of leaving Somnath. Pandyas will give a grand welcome to Dev and Rishita in Pandya Niwas after making them realise how important they are to the family. Their return will bring a lot of improvement in Suman’s condition but her right hand shall stay paralysed for longer. Gombi, Dhara, and Shivi plan a grand party and puja for Dev and Rishita.

Now the breaking news is that Pandyas decide to celebrate Shiva’s birthday but the monetary issues also keep increasing, they decide to renovate the store but fail miserably as money and sources become the major issue for them. How will they come out of this problem?

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