Oops! Bhagya Lakshmi’s Rishi aka Rohit Suchanti will never swear to save anyone, Here’s Why

MUMBAI: Zee TV’s show Bhagyalakshmi has garnered a lot of love from audiences. The story revolves around Lakshmi’s life taking an unexpected turn when her family gets her married to a rich businessman, Rishi Oberoi. However, she feels betrayed when she learns the truth about her marriage.

In this video, we see that Aman, Aishwarya, and Rohit are up with a funny reel. As we can see that Rohit is seen saving Aishwarya as Aman is trying to hit her. Meanwhile, Aishwarya shocked everyone by whacking both of them one by one. Take a look at their video to see funny banter.

Meanwhile, in the show, Rishi and Malishka are engaged and are soon going to get married, but an uninvited guest named Balwinder has also joined the function in the disguise of a waiter in order to seek revenge on Rishi as he is married to his love interest Lakshmi. So, he will spill oil on the floor assuming Lakshmi would fall, but the twist in the tale is that instead of Lakshmi, Rishi’s mom Neelam falls down on the oiled floor and gets badly hurt.

Now, it will be interesting to see how Rishi and Lakshmi deal with this new trouble?

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