SHOCKING! Fans call Divya Agarwal ‘Chudail and Bhootni’ as she celebrates pride month with LGBTQIA, the actress reacts

Divya Agarwal is extremely popular among fans. The actress has come a long way in her career.

The stunning beauty started her journey by participating in popular youth-based reality shows like Splitsvilla, Ace of Space. She was also accompanied by her beau Varun Sood in these popular shows.

Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal’s love story began after they participated in Ace of Space Season 1.

The duo started dating ever since then and made their relationship official.

Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood are the most adored couples who enjoy a massive fan following.

The diehard fans of this couple can’t get over their cute PDA on social media.

Well, we have often seen how celebrities get trolled for various reasons.

Netizens don’t spare anyone and bash them on social media.

The same has happened with Divya Agarwal for extending support to LGBTQIA community.

The actress shared a picture and a video on her Instagram account.

While Divya’s beau Varun and many from the TV industry hailed her for the same and also went all praises for her looks, Divya’s support to this community did not go well with many and they started bashing her.

Divya even shared a few videos on her Instagram stories where she expressed her displeasure with the way some people are reacting.

Divya also mentioned how some users are calling her Bhootni and Chudail which is quite upsetting.

Well, Divya gave a perfect response to the trollers and also sent love to the ones who supported her.

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