Swaragini: Swara and Sanskaar turn ‘Housekeepers’!

Drashti Dhami feels that she is not ‘sexy’
November 16, 2016
“The media interviews me but uses Sara Khan’s photograph!” – Sara Arfeen Khan
November 18, 2016

The hunt for finding Abhimanyu’s true idenity begins…

While the family mourns the loss of Laksh, Ragini gets hit by Mansi’s car, who takes her home for medication in Swaragini. She soon meets Abhimanyu, a look-alike of Laksh and hugs him, which shocks Mansi.

Swara is known to be an investigator of facts in the show and now, she will soon enter Mansi’s home to inquire and confirm her doubt whether Abhimanyu is Laksh or not!


Well, the show will introduce an interesting drama where Swara will dress up as a housemaid and will visit Mansi for a job. Mansi’s doubts will slowly rise as she will find the ‘maid’ to own an expensive phone among other details and will decide to throw her out. However, Sanskaar will enter the picture in his get up as the ‘maid’s husband’ and will request Abhimanyu not to fire Swara from her job.

Swara’s mission will face a hindrance but soon, the situation will become normal when Mishti – Mansi’s daughter will request Abhimanyu to let Swara stay in the house as she is impressed with her entertaining skills!

Will Swara and Sanskaar be able to find out the truth? Let’s wait and watch!


  1. ayrus says:

    there was no kapil actually.. Doctor was awesome…. 🙂

  2. aarya says:

    Vashi used hmmmm word 🙄
    This word was famous that time .. I have a doubt in this… Need to re

  3. Ardent says:

    Your comment..wow superb, nice prescap

  4. Aadvika says:

    Aahaaaan.. 😉
    Dairy Milk Silk 😛

  5. NAZIA(plz read at least the last part of my comment) says:

    agree alu di
    at least we r on twitter but those who r not for those at least we shall do it
    Anji di

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