The cast of Color’s Parineeti charges this whooping amount per day! Details Inside

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MUMBAI: Parineetii is one of the most loved TV shows among the audience due to its intriguing storyline and unique plot as the story comprises one man getting married to two women who are friends.

The fans love the chemistry of Aanchal Sahu aka Parineet, Tanvi Dogra aka Neetii and Ankur Verma aka Rajeev.

A sacred bond of marriage tangles the lives of Parineet, Neeti, and Raj. Fate leads two best friends to marry the same man ensuing a complicated love triangle.

Audiences love the cast of the show and they are always curious to find out what is going on behind the scenes and how the actors get along and if the shooting process is fun.

Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra, and Anchal Sahu play the lead roles in the show and are loved by the fans.

Acting is hard work, while it does bring you fame and glamour, it also requires a lot of dedication. Actors also have to maintain their glamorous lifestyle and to do that, they charge a lot of money.

Fans are curious to know how much the leads of the show Parineeti are charging for the show per day and in this article, we are going to cover that. Check it out:

Tanvi Dogra:

Tanvi Dogra plays the role of Neeti and allegedly charges Rupees 50 thousand, per day which takes her monthly salary up to 10 Lakhs.

Anchal Sahu:

Anchal Sahu plays the role of Parineet and charges Rupees 30 thousand per episode which takes her monthly earnings up, to 6 Lakhs per month.

Ankur Verma:

Ankur plays the role of Rajeev on the show and as per reports charges Rupees 35 thousand per episode which takes his monthly earnings up to 7 Lakh per month.

Well, these actors work day in and day out, so we get why they charge so much, but these whopping salaries also help them live quite the luxe life.

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