Wedding drama in Zee Bangla’s Joyi

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November 6, 2017
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A lot of drama is in store for the viewers of Zee Bangla’s Joyi!
Loyal viewers of the show would know that Joyi (Debadrita Basu) and Ribhu (Dibyajyoti Dutta)’s marriage has got fixed to different people on the same day. So, a lot of drama revolving around the wedding will unfold in the coming episodes. Read on to know-
According to our source, on one hand, Joyi will decide to run away as she doesn’t want to marry the old groom, on the other hand, Ribhu’s to be wife, Reba, will plan to run away as she already has a lover.
While running away from her wedding venue, Joyi will reach Reba and Ribhu’s wedding venue.
Omg! What will happen now?
Well, Reba will ask Joyi to take her place for a little while, promising to be back before the wedding starts. However, time will pass but Reba won’t return. Also, it will be time for the wedding to begin. Upon realizing what was happening, Joyi will try to escape but will collide with Ribhu. She will reveal her identity leaving everyone in a state of shock.
What will happen to Ribhu and Joyi’s future? Will circumstances force them to get married?

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