WOAH: While Rakhi Sawant REJOICES, Shamita Shettty is DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED with the news of Bigg Boss 15 receiving an EXTENSION!

MUMBAI: Salman Khan recently announced that Bigg Boss season 15 has received an extension by two weeks.

While Rakhi Sawant couldn’t contain her excitement and kept screaming out of excitement, Shamita asked her to keep quiet and let Bigg Boss complete their announcement. Later, Shamita was seen discussing this with Nishant Bhat near the kitchen area. She told him that she can’t stay a day more in the house where people like Abhijeet Bichukale and Rakhi Sawant stay. She called Abhijeet a “male chauvinist” and pointed out that Rakhi keeps making fun of her shoulder injury.

Rakhi asks Shamita then why she calls her “sister” in one of the previous tasks. Rakhi leaves and makes fun of Shamita’s injury with Abhijeet Bichukale. She says that on the finale, when the host will lift her hand to announce the winner, her pain will vanish away. Abijeet, on the other hand, says that Shamita is insecure of him because he believes that he’s leading the winner’s race.

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