To entertain the audiences we need to spice up the story: Nidhi Shah

The recent track of Rajan Shahi’s “Anupamaa” took the audience by surprise. The lead character, Anupamaa, has a tumour in her ovaries and the severity of her case is yet to be found. Actress Nidhi Shah, who plays Kinjal in the show, feels that such tracks are important to keep the story exciting.

Sharing her reaction to the current track, she said, “When I got to know that Anupamaa is not well and that she has a tumour in her ovaries, I felt bad because as Kinjal I don’t want anything to happen to Anupamaa. I want her to be healthy, happy and safe. To entertain the audiences, we need to spice it up and some ups and down in the story is required too.”

The young actress also revealed that the audience loves the way her on-screen character stands for what’s right and always supports Anupamaa. “They love the fact that Kinjal supports Anupamaa and guides her, obviously Anupamaa will never go on a wrong path but it’s just a helping hand to push somebody to do the right thing and she just gives that push to Anupamaa to take one step forward,” she said.

“I feel blessed that I am working in a show like ‘Anupamaa’. The amount of DMs and love that I receive from the audience is countless. I just love it when people come up to me and say that we just love your character you are so positive. Kinjal has her own image she stands for what’s right. She is the girl of today’s generation. Undoubtedly this has been shown in the show my character is educated, she works and takes care of her family, she stands for herself, for her self-respect comes first and I just love it when people watch the show and try to be like her,” she added.

So what can we expect next from Kinjal? “The main focus currently is on Anupamaa, Kavya, Vanraj and on Anupamaa’s health. Right now all you can expect from Kinjal is that she is always going to be their beside Anupamaa, she is going to support her family and do her best in whatever way she can,” Nidhi concluded.

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