Malishka and Ahana of Bhagya Lakshmi reunite; is more trouble brewing for Lakshmi?

MUMBAI : The Zee TV show ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ chronicles how Lakshmi’s life takes an unexpected turn once she marries a successful businessman named Rishi Oberoi. Despite this, she still feels deceived when she learns the truth about her marriage.

One of Zee TV’s most-watched daily soaps is Bhagya Lakshmi, which stars Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare. Aman Gandhi, Munira Kudrati, Smita Bansal, and other actors are featured in the show, who make up a great ensemble cast.

The show has a great ensemble cast that includes Maera Mishra and Aditi Shetty in a really popular role.

The show has taken a dramatic tangent that has made fans wonder what will happen next. The actors who play the roles of Aditi and Maera recently reunited for a trip together, and from the looks of the videos and pictures, they had a lot of fun on this plane ride. Check out the pictures and videos here:

Meanwhile on the show, Rishi and Malishka’s wedding date has been fixed, but the former feels choked in the relationship and thus decides to call off the wedding.

A furious Malishka now plots her revenge. Malishka now uses her fake night-out with Rishi against him and asks him if he loves her or not, to which he gives no answer.

She now realises that he still loves Lakshmi, which makes her furious. Malishka then shocks Rishi by saying that if he never loved her, then their physical intimacy will be termed as rape. She threatens him that she will call it molestation if he does not love her.

Malishka instigates Rishi further by saying that it was due to his lust and physical need that he used her. Rishi is now left feeling guilty after these harsh words.

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