Priyanka Chahar Choudhary talks about her debut movie with Shah Rukh Khan says “ I didn’t know about it Salman Khan told me to go and meet SRK personally am thankful that Salman sir recommended my name”

MUMBAI: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is a popular actress on television who rose to fame with her performance as Tejo in the show ‘Udaariyaan’.

The actress became a household name and has built a massive fan following who bestows her with a lot of love and support.

Currently, she has been grabbing headlines for her participation in the reality show Bigg Boss, where she was a strong contestant of the show and one of the potential winners of the show.

She was the only contestant to play the game solo and who is being seen in the show. She has reached this far in the show by herself, and post Ankit’s exit she has been targeted by all the housemates.

Now the show has finally come to an end, and MC Stan has emerged as the winner of the show, whereas Priyanka came in the third position.

Business-credits was the first one to report about Priyanka being a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, where she will be playing a significant role; her name was suggested by Salman Khan.

The actress finally spoke confirmed that she would be doing the movie, and while interacting with the media she said “I wasn’t aware of this offer as I was locked in the Bigg Boss house, it’s only when I came out Salman Khan sir told me that I should go and meet Shah Rukh Khan sir, personally regarding the movie as he would explain me my role and about the movie”

She further said “ I also will be meeting Rajkumar Irani sir and I feel blessed and happy that these offers are coming to me and very thankful to Salman Khan for recommending my name”

Well, there is no doubt that Priyanka’s career has shot up to another level post her journey in Bigg Boss and this would be a huge break for her. She will also be doing a movie with Salman Khan as she has wished to work with her in the future.

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