Bigg Boss 16: Exclusive! Abdu Rozik to leave the show on this date; his journey finally comes to an end

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Abdu Rozik rose to fame with his participation in the reality show Bigg Boss 16, where he is considered one of the most positive and loved contestants of the show.

One of the reasons as to why the show is running well was because of him, since the audience loved to watch him on the show.

Whenever any actor is asked who their favourite contestant is, everyone will say Abdu. We have also seen how even the housemates love him and often protect him during the show. On various occasions, we have seen how Salman Khan would praise him, and has been outspoken about his fondness and love for him.

Recently, Abdu returned to the house after taking a break from the show in between. With his return, the fans were super excited to see him back in the show.

Once he had returned, he made headlines as he wasn’t talking to Nimrit and Sajid Khan. That became the point of discussion both inside and outside of the house.

As per sources, Abdu Rozik will be leaving the show on the 12th of January due to prior commitments. Someone special will come into the house and will take him out, and finally, his journey will come to an end.

Well, there is no doubt that the audience loved Abdu in the show, and they will miss his presence.

If he had continued in the show, he could have been one of the finalists of the show.

Today, he has become a household name, and his fan following has shot up to another level.

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